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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

'Gun loving liberals' are welcome to the debate, but who can they vote for?

Any ally in the fight against the forcible citizen disarmament jihad is welcome, but before the Liberal Gun Club can contribute much to that fight, they're going to have to cultivate a brand of politician nearly unheard of these days: the truly "pro-gun progressive" politician. That's a tall order. [More]

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Anonymous said...

The controversy over "gun control" (actually, a euphemism for total gun prohibition) is part of a broader argument: individual rights and personal responsibility vs. collectivism and scapegoating. Conservatives and libertarians tend to blame crime on criminals, and to advocate punishing the criminals as the solution. Liberals/Progressives deny all individual responsibility. Everything is someone else's fault. If a thug mugs someone, it's Ronald Reagan's fault for not giving the mugger enough food stamps. If a mob playing the "knockout game" beats an elderly person to death, it's the NRA's fault for opposing the Brady Bill. Crime is blamed on everything except criminals. Therefore, it's very rare to find a liberal who supports the rights of gun-owning citizens. Liberals see honest citizens as oppressors, and violent criminals as victims.