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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Under pressure from Demanding Moms, Facebook mulls banning 'gun-themed' pages

Now what, exactly, are "gun-themed fan pages"? The term seems rather ambiguous--distressingly ambiguous, perhaps, but what is not so ambiguous is that it sounds rather more broad than "gun sales pages." There must be thousands of "gun-themed" pages, including one that makes Gun Rights Examiner articles easy for gun rights advocates (many of whom could conceivably be referred to as "fans" of guns) to find. Are those to be on the chopping block, too?

Even if not, one can easily imagine the kind of hate-filled, rage-fueled forcible citizen disarmament fanatics like whoever created this Facebook page staging a "false flag" operation by joining gun discussion groups on Facebook under a pseudonym, arranging fake "gun sales," and before the page administrators can do anything about it, reporting the banned activity to Facebook, and getting the page banned. [More]

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Anonymous said...

Naturally, the definition of "gun-themed pages" is "ambiguous." When leftists want to ban something ("assault weapons," "hate speech") they make the definition so broad and vague that it can mean whatever they want. And they want censorship of communications, including social media and the internet, so they can suppress any dissent, and squelch anyone who disagrees with them. "Progressives" hate the First Amendment as much as they hate the Second.

Anonymous said...

Facebook is a social network where old people gossip and post trivia. Twitter is Facebook for teenagers and yuppies. And Instagram is Facebook or Twitter for people who are functionally illiterate.