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Monday, March 03, 2014

Brady Campaign signals exclusive focus on 'universal background checks'--for now

After they get their "universal background checks," then they can shift their focus to banning whichever guns they can most successfully convince the public are "too dangerous" to be entrusted to private citizens. Perhaps more alarmingly, after winning on the background checks, it will be time to use the data generated by the checks to create a de facto registry, which would of course be essential for the long term goal of confiscation--and remember that even the Obama administration's National Institute of "Justice" has noted that background checks are useless without registration, and gun and magazine bans are useless without confiscation.

Then again, they just may not be able to help themselves when the urge to push for gun bans hits them--these people tend not to be characterized by their exquisite self-control. [More]

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