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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Brady Campaign having trouble finding 'gun violence' where they need it

A new Brady Campaign press release condemns Congressman John Boccieri (D-OH), for holding an NRA-sponsored fundraiser.

Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said, "It is sad that Rep. Boccieri finds it necessary to hold a 'Virtual Shootout' to raise campaign dollars at the NRA while Ohioans in and around his district fall victim to real shootouts on a regular basis."
The press release then lists four examples (which, if such incidents happen on a "regular basis," should be easy, right?).

First one:
John Butler has been charged with shooting Arthur Breault twice in the stomach and once in the head the day before Thanksgiving. Butler was initially held in the Ashland County Jail, located in Rep. Boccieri's district.
Hmm . . . "initially held in the Ashland County Jail, located in Rep. Boccieri's district." Note that the Brady Campaign doesn't say that the shooting occurred in his district--that's because it didn't. The relevance of the jail's location in his district is left unexplained.

Dominick Conley has been charged with shooting a police officer and her K-9 partner in August. Conley was reportedly captured in his native Canton, OH, by Canton police and the FBI. Canton is located in Rep. Boccieri's district.
The alleged shooter was arrested in Canton, OH--the shooting occurred in Zanesville (outside of Boccieri's 16th District). Is Congressman Boccieri to be blamed for an alleged dangerous criminal being brought to justice in his district?

Then, we have:
Bryan Mobley has been indicted for shooting and killing his wife in June, with a 9mm handgun reportedly purchased at a gun store in Ashland, OH, inside Rep. Boccieri's district.
This shooting was in Mansfield, OH--also outside Boccieri's district. Boccieri's "culpability," it seems, lies in the fact that the gun used was supposedly bought in his district. Nothing about his district, keep in mind, makes it a more likely source for guns used in crimes than anywhere else in Ohio--the important thing is to establish a link between Boccieri and "gun violence." Oh, by the way--the Brady Campaign is apparently . . . confused--Mobley's ex-wife evidently survived the shooting.

And finally:
Cliff E. Hill Jr. has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for shooting Ashland County resident John Stone during a March home invasion. The eastern half of Ashland County is in Rep. Boccieri's district, as is the Ashland Samaritan Hospital where Stone was reportedly treated.
This one may have occurred in Boccieri's district--I don't know if John Stone's residence was in the part of Ashland County that's in his district, or not--but I do note how carefully the Brady Campaign avoids saying that it is. Rather telling, I would think.

Can't the Brady Campaign find one example of what supposedly happens "on a regular basis"?


straightarrow said...

Yes, Kurt. They can. Defensive gun uses without injury or fatality happen on a very regular basis, estimated at one every 13 seconds. However, I don't expect they will mention that regular basis occurrence. It's almost like they have a nefarious and devious plan to deny fact. Almost being the sarcastic word above.

Thirdpower said...

They use the same definition of 'regular basis' as the VPC. Single digit events over the course of years.