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Friday, December 04, 2009

Dennis Henigan getting picked on by the mean old 'gun lobby'

The Brady Campaign's Dennis "Right of the People" Henigan thinks he's the victim of some kind of "'gun lobby' conspiracy" to bury his book under bad reviews at Amazon.

Second, regrettably from my standpoint, the “hogwash” votes outnumber the “5 stars” by a current margin of 28 to 16. This reflects a broader pattern discussed in the book; that is, gun control opponents are more likely to be moved to action than gun control supporters. Generally speaking, Congressional offices hear more frequently from “gun rights” partisans than from constituents who support stronger gun laws. This, of course, says nothing about public support for gun control. For example, over 80% of Americans support legislation to close the “gun show loophole” by extending Brady background checks to private sales at gun shows. But it is a level of support not generally reflected in constituent communications to Members of Congress.

Third, the “hogwash” votes reflect not only motivation, but organization as well. It is fascinating to me that organized efforts have been underway to sink the book under the weight of “1-star” reviews. On several websites followers are urged to send in negative reviews of the book (without, of course, urging them to read the book first). Gunbroker.com urges readers to “bury this book,” while giving helpful instructions on how to do amazon.com customer reviews. The Maryland Shooters Association suggests that its members post some “good” (meaning bad) reviews on amazon. These efforts obviously have had some success. Amazon prominently displays an “average customer review” for each book, which for Lethal Logic struggles to reach “3-stars” against the organized “1-star” campaign.
Note also that he points out that forcible citizen disarmament advocates tend to be less passionate about their cause than liberty/gun rights advocates are about ours--and that this somehow means that the arguments from the gun-hater side should somehow merit more respect.

Here's the thing, Dennis--as long as we can continue to hold your side at bay with political advocacy (and the occasional unflattering book review), we're not forced to literally fight to keep our guns.

That's how you want to keep it.

Update: And they didn't even say "hi."

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Update II: Days of Our Trailers has more, including a look at some of the "5-star" ratings.


Smershagent said...

The prevalence of pathetic complaints like this never cease to amaze me.

His side should be taken more seriously because it's not fair that Second Amendment supporters are more numerous, more dedicated, more politically engaged, and better informed than his motley crew.

And despite the fact that someone from the Brady site appears to visit your blog on a somewhat regular basis, I've yet to see one of their representatives take advantage of your comments feature. Maybe since Paul's blog disallowed comments, they've forgotten how to engage in reasoned discourse.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Couldn't have said it better myself, Smersh.

tom said...

Living in the Nation that stealthily annexed the rest of y'all not once but twice, where according to the gubmint we have upwards of 80 million of the privately held firearms in the US, I can't think of anybody much I've ever known that was much keen on gun control except some hippies. Maybe he doesn't realize who's in charge of this country? I always reckoned the people were in charge, or at least were supposed to be.

He might need Lithium or somethin'. I hear they are doing some amazing things in psychiatric medicine for lunatics and other defective births.

He's actually a murderer after all. If you advocate and sometimes succeed in forcibly disarming citizens leaving them defenseless to the depredation of the criminal classes, that's at least accessory to a lot of murders, isn't it?

He should wake up every day and be glad to be breathing and not a murder victim that had been depredated do to his irresponsible behaviors because he walks around disarmed every day pissing people off by trying to make them murder and rape targets too. He should also thank gun owners for putting that doubt in all the criminal's minds that "the guy might have a gun so we better leave him alone".

Fellow doesn't recognize a helping hand from his fellow citizens. Didn't his momma teach him not to look gift horses in the mouth?

the pistolero said...

that is, gun control opponents are more likely to be moved to action
I wonder if he ever thinks that, on the most basic level, the gun control opponents don't want to have their guns taken away from them. (A good gun isn't cheap, y'know.) Beyond the freedom aspect, there is the motivation of protecting one's investment. To be fair, I'd bet few if any gun owners would be willing to give up their collection even for fair market value, since they recognize that the freedom to own them was bought with someone else's blood. I'd figure most of them would see that as giving up one's birthright for a mess of pottage and all that. Gun control opponents have a much more vested interest in stopping gun control than its supporters have in getting it enacted.