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Monday, December 07, 2009

Maersk Alabama crew trained to defend itself, but not permitted to

Let's look at that first point, that "firearms are useful only in the hands of those who are properly trained, who regularly practice in their use, and who are fully capable of using them as required." Recently, John Cronan, 3rd Engineer on the Maersk Alabama, has kindly corresponded with me, informing me that Maersk crews are far from untrained in the use of small arms. As it turns out, Maersk requires crew members to receive Coast Guard training in use of small arms at sea, and to maintain proficiency in that training. Another Maersk Alabama officer made much the same point.

I have also benefitted from correspondence from Maersk Alabama Chief Engineer Mike Perry, who would prefer the security focus to be on an armed crew, rather than in embarked specialized security. [More]
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