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Thursday, December 03, 2009

To some, gun rights advocacy is 'terrorism'

Granted, this bit of silliness wasn't written by anyone in the government, or even in the mainstream media--BuzzFlash proudly describes itself as "progressive" (with "progress" being defined, apparently, as any move toward nanny-state collectivism). The author, Mark Karlin, is not just a "progressive" gun hater--he's a professional gun hater--having received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the rabidly anti-gun Joyce Foundation (President Obama's former employers), as part of the agenda of the forcible citizen disarmament lobby.

Still, Karlin's position is the logical end point of the direction in which too many in the media--and in the government--would like to take this country. If and when we get there, support for a gun rights advocacy group will be seen by the government as equivalent to support for Hezbollah, or Al Qaeda. [More]
That's today's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner. If you read it, you may be a "right-wing extremist/homegrown terrorist."


tom said...

Might be?

I reckon I'm pretty well confirmed on the lists according to morons and assheads in and out of the Beltway.

I proudly read your column and they can call me whatever they want!

Like they say-
Just South of Oklahoma
Just to the Right of the John Birch Society
Part of the Vast Private Firearms Ownership Conspiracy