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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Brady Campaign to steal intellectual property

Readers may remember that I have been squabbling--for years, now--with the Brady Campaign over the right to post this video clip:

Video hosted by Icarry.org

Everywhere I attempted to have that short excerpt from their original clip hosted would soon receive a bullying message about copyright violation (despite the fact that my use of the clip clearly falls under "Fair Use" guidelines), prompting the host site to take it down.

Eventually, Shaun Kranish, of Icarry.org, took it upon himself to host the clip. Shaun lives for such battles, has his own video hosting capability, and seems to enjoy keeping his attorney busy. I've talked a little more about that here and here.

Even more contemptibly, the Brady Campaign itself has a less than sterling reputation when it comes to respect for intellectual property.

In fact, David has caught them in some more thievery, in which they posted (pdf file) this article of David's in its entirety.

The Brady Campaign once called itself "Handgun Control, Inc." If they were interested in honesty (I'm obviously wading deep into the hypothetical here), they might call themselves the Brady Campaign of Tyranny Enablement, Lies, Hypocrisy, and Theft.