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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

When toy guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have toy guns

I note that Mr. Vann doesn't claim that toy gun simulated violence is plaguing those neighborhoods, and I doubt the "senseless shooting" Sunday night was really a senseless pretend shooting, but he explains that preventing such shootings isn't the goal here--he wants to "stem the glorification of guns," i.e., smother the very gun culture (what remains of it in NYC).

I once wrote about the "wussification" of our nation's youth--the cradle-to-grave indoctrination in the dogma of the Church of Guns are Icky. This is yet another manifestation of that campaign. A couple generations of boys who have been taught to recoil in horror from even imaginary games of "cops and robbers," or storming an imagined Iwo Jima with a toy Garand rifle, and perhaps the gun culture will be so weakened that there will be no one left to fight for gun rights, and the forcible citizen disarmament agenda can really get underway. [More]
That's today's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner. Please give it a read.