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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Senate health care bill amended in attempt to allay gun owners' concerns

What Noah has apparently chosen to ignore is that if government muscle, in the form of fines, and even prison time, is to be used to enforce the mandate that all citizens must acquire health insurance, then any obstacles to gun ownership (by virtue of denial of coverage, higher premiums, etc.), whether imposed directly by the government or by private insurance companies, are forcible citizen disarmament. In short, Noah, what we're required by law to buy ain't free enterprise. [More]
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mikej said...

You don't really expect to maintain any semblance of freedom under a totalitarian government that takes charge of your health care, do you? A government that tells you how much and what kind of health insurance to buy must eventually regulate your daily routine for health maintenance, telling you what to eat and drink, and when you can go to the can. We used to have this thing called a Constitution that prevented that sort of petty interference, but it got tossed out the window in the 1930s.

For the present, if gun ownership disqalifies gun owners for mandatory health insurance, then gun owners will simply lie. I don't expect that insurers will actually search our homes, at least not at first. So a whole lot of good ol' boys will be saying, "I lost all my guns in a boating accident." Hey! It's not nearly as immoral as a perjurous oath to support and defend the Constitution, is it? Of course, should anyone be forced to use his gun in self-defense, he'll just have to shoot, shovel, and shut up. As the T-shirt says, "Real friends help you move bodies." Unconstitutional laws can have unintended consequences.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I can't argue with any of that, Gringo.

Mark in Wyoming said...

First Kurt, Welcome back from your "vacation" good to have you back.
This socalled amendment does nothing for me , since there are still fines and jail time in place for non compliance , and its said felony jail time, Now lets see what CANT felons do? right off the bat , they loose the right to possess fire arms ,they loose the right to vote, and dependant on state , loose alot of other things , like driving priviliges , assistance help things like that.
I have not had insurance for the last 8 yrs , my choice because i havent needed it , i pay my medical bills out of pocket and in full as needed , and i do NOT intend to comply if this so called government mandate is implimented , all i will say is bring alunch boys , your gonna need it.


straightarrow said...

I have made arrangements that suit me fine. If someone, anyone, decides to interfere they had better be ready to back it up in the unfriendly world of payback.

Alpha Wolf, makes a good point, but a superfluous one. If as we know for a fact, criminals and other prohibited persons can obtain firearms, why would anyone not harming anybody but being harmed by them and being declared criminal due to administrative falsehoods having no legitimate basis not so arm himself. It isn't as though we would have any real reason to remain law abiding.

That just may be something they should consider before they just unilaterally declare us criminal in areas they have no business being involved with.

straightarrow said...

An instance from my own life though anecdotal, may help to clarify this position. I once accidentally hit a boil on the arm of someone else during an athletic contest. I didn't know he had a boil, I didn't know I had hit it.

But he insisted I did it on purpose and would not accept explanation or apology. He wanted to hurt me for it. After I realized he would not be satisfied with the truth of the accidental nature of the incident, even though he chose to be in the contest of his own free will, knowing he had the boil, and he still wanted to hurt me. I beat the Hell out of him.

This time on purpose. He left me with no other real option, I had nothing to lose,except the fight. I was by that time angry enough I didn't care. Hung for a lamb, hung for a flock, or destroy the flock.

I do see this as a likely possibility when ordinarily peaceable people have their lives ruined by people who have no sense of fair play or honor.