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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Brady Campaign looking for NRA/Vanderboegh axis? What are they smoking?

I recently pointed out that, gun blogger histrionics notwithstanding, the reaction to Mike Vangerboegh's letter to the editor of the (Madison, WI) Capital Times outside the gun blogosphere had been nil. Until today, that had been the case.

Now, however, the Brady Campaign is making a bizarre attempt to conflate the Vanderboegh letter with the NRA's alleged espionage efforts.

I tend not to be very shy about pointing out when I was right, but in implying that the Bradyites would just ignore Mr. Vanderboegh's letter, I was clearly wrong. Certainly not a new experience for me, and in the end, not something I see as a problem. In fact, I find myself wishing, for perhaps the first time, that the Brady Blog had more readership outside the gun blogging community, to help get Mike V.'s message out there.

Now that would be some Unintended Consequences.

War on Guns has more, as does Snowflakes in Hell, and probably others that I've not spotted yet.



Anonymous said...

This is one of those moments where I wish I had written a response that I wanted to write (on a related issue), and filed it away for later. I could have recycled major portions of it and added in some specific commentary about this blog piece.

Just skimming over it:

* The approach of the author is designed to drive the wedge deeper. The author is trying to drop the NRA pragmatists and Mike in the same pot and hope for an explosion.

* "Bunker paranoia" is another meaningless code phrase along the lines of "gun violence". Defense advocates already have a bunker mentality. It takes a fair amount of effort to make them extroverted, mainly because the disarmers have been inferring--for decades--that they're all murderous criminals.

* Rep. John Dingle is the originator of the term "jack-booted thugs".

* Seventy-eight percent of respondents opposed in the same poll, asking: "Would you support or oppose amending the United States Constitution to ban individual gun ownership?" (Doesn't matter, the federal government has no power to restrict.)

* "Gun control" is only popular to people who don't experience it themselves.

Brady Campaign, of course, allows no comments to the piece.

Anonymous said...

What's ironic is that they probably wouldn't have even known about the letter were it not for the "great kerfluffle".

They read our blogs.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Exactly, Sailor, and that fact amuses me to no end--the very bloggers who have been so worried about the effect Mike V.'s letter might have on the gun rights movement are the ones who managed to make sure it got noticed.

I just love the taste of irony.