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Friday, August 08, 2008

What say you now, South Florida Sun-Sentinel?

Nearly a year ago, I wrote about an editorial in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that praised the decision to equip police officers with AR-15s (so called "assault weapons"), while simultaneously railing against the fact that we lowly private citizens could also obtain them.

People shouldn't be opposed to cops having these weapons.

What people should oppose — strongly — is the guy across the street having one.
I've made pretty clear what I think of that position, and I think that on that (if not on much else), the gun blogging community as a whole is pretty well in agreement.

What I'm curious about now, though, is what the South Florida Sun-Sentinel editorial board thinks of that position in light of this information:

At the end of July a thief stole an assault rifle like this one from the unmarked SUV of Broward Sheriff's Sergeant Richard Lacerra. According to documents from BSO, it was just one of a number of items stolen from the deputy's car.
And . . .
While that theft may be a concern, CBS4 News has learned that twice in the past month South Florida police officers have lost control of high powered weapons like these.
So let me make sure I have this right--the editors doesn't want peaceable, responsible private citizens to have these firearms, but they do want such firepower in police cars, from which they are promptly removed by people who are by definition criminals--is that about right?

Time to reexamine that "plan," maybe?


Anonymous said...

High powered AR-15's?

I wonder if they meant AR-10's in .308 or if they simply have no idea what a high powered rifle is.

I'm betting on what's behind door #2

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I ain't taking that bet, Robb.

Anonymous said...


I disagree, I think they know what a "high powered" rifle is, they are just trying to scare the public.

My opinion is they are trying to portray anything stronger then a spitball through a straw as high powered.