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Friday, August 29, 2008

Should have done this before

I've written a bit before about the hideous miscarriage of justice that is the BATFE's persecution (and yes--"persecution," and not "prosecution" is the word I want) of David Olofson. Mr. Olofson is now serving a thirty month sentence in federal prison, for the "crime" of owning a malfunctioning rifle, while his family struggles to make ends meet without his income (you can help, by the way).

I've been remiss, though, in keeping readers updated on more recent developments. Specifically, an appeal has been filed, and oh, what an appeal it is.

When American citizens get in the way of the federal government's anti-gun jihad, I've learned not to place a lot of faith in the courts. With this appeal, though, I may be in for a pleasant surprise.

The federal government allegedly suppressed evidence and edited a legal definition in a Wisconsin case against a man who ultimately was convicted of transferring a machine gun, according to an appeal document.
I would like to think that everyone who reads what I write also reads War on Guns (daily), and so my neglect of these developments isn't a major problem. Still, a successful appeal (and the accompanying smack on the BATFE's nose) would be huge news, and for me to ignore the possible lead-up to that is inexcusable.

Besides, I can't very well risk missing the opportunity to approach the supposed "gun rights advocates" who self-righteously spout that Olofson got what he deserved, and pour them a big, steaming cup of STFU.