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Monday, March 01, 2010

California Pizza Kitchen, Peet's Coffee, and Buckhorn Grill helping the competition

The Brady Campaign has proudly trumpeted its "triumph"--that unlike Starbucks, three restaurants (California Pizza Kitchen, Peet's Coffee and Tea, and the Buckhorn Grill) have announced a "no guns" policy. The Brady Bunch would like us to believe, with little evidence offered, that this decision was made in response to the Brady Bunch's urging.

I imagine that the East Coast Pizza in Walnut Creek, CA (what an "East Coast" restaurant is doing in California is a question for another day, I suppose) thanks these other restaurants for the business that sends their way..

Jessie Grunner, the pizzeria's owner, said she welcomed the open carriers after seeing the group getting turned away from other businesses in town.

Grunner said she was neutral on the issue, but had no problem with Sunday's event.

"They've been very gracious, patient and really a pleasure as far as customers go," said Grunner.
Seems like a pretty sensible business decision, and it seems to be working well enough for Starbucks.