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Friday, March 05, 2010

Employee of Massachusetts 'Only Ones' being a little too generous with freedom

Every once in a while, I see something happening in another state that makes me glad to live in Illinois. Check this out.

A Framingham police employee was fired last week after allegedly bending the rules for people seeking gun licenses - largely members of the armed services - by issuing licenses without authorization, upgrading licenses, and providing false addresses for applicants.
This woman wasn't, apparently, facilitating the arming of gangbangers, or selling permits to the highest bidder--she evidently simply thought that these licenses were too hard to obtain (gee--ya' think?).
McKinstry, a civilian employee, was still listed on the Framingham Police Department online directory yesterday as an administrative assistant to the police prosecutor. The website lauds McKinstry’s “tireless efforts’’ in helping the police prosecutor do his job.

Police said they began an investigation Feb. 3 when a lieutenant in the licensing bureau noticed that two gun licenses he had approved as Class D - for pepper spray only - had been entered in the state database as Class A, for large-capacity firearms, including semiautomatic weapons and assault weapons. The lieutenant also found other licenses that had been improperly upgraded or issued.
You need a "license" for pepper spray in Massachusetts? I guess they'd find Thai food as scary as the Brits apparently do.

She has already been fired, and may face criminal charges. Unbelievable.

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