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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Missourians, if you want the Firearms Freedom Act, 'raise a ruckus'

Mr. Marbut's advice to Missourians who want the federal government to get out, and stay out, of gun issues that are purely Missour's business, is:
Interested MO folk need to raise a ruckus to help Davis move her bill [and/or Smith move his].
The focus of that "ruckus" needs, at this point, to be the committee in which HB 1230 and HB 1506 are stuck. That's the Special Committee on Agri-Business (and no, I don't know what such legilsation would have to do with "Agri-Business," either). Here's the committee membership list: [More]
That's today's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner. Please give it a look.


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Missouri forming now.