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Monday, March 01, 2010

VPC invents bizarre new justification to ban 'assault weapons'

Nothing against the police, but isn't that the kind of trend the VPC would applaud? Groups like the VPC and Brady Campaign, after all, argue that only the police are sufficiently trained and trustworthy to engage in gun battles with bad guys. Both groups argue that only police should have "assault weapons" (except we'll call them something else when in the hands of the police), they both argue for much more restrictive concealed carry laws, and in fact, the VPC's Josh Sugarmann has written a book calling for an outright ban of privately owned handguns.

Shouldn't the VPC be happy about the trend of "encounters" with "assault weapons" shifting away from the general public, and to the trained professionals best equipped, according to the VPC, to deal with them? [More]
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