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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Excellent advice, then and now

Bear with me while I start on a subject that might not seem to have any relevance to the subject at hand--I'll get there.

Shortly after starting guitar lessons back in my middle school years, and influenced by my older brother, I adopted blues as my favorite genre of music--to the near exclusion of every other type. It didn't really matter what kind of blues--country blues, Chicago blues, psychedelic blues rock--if it was bluesy, and heavily guitar oriented, I loved it.

Since then, I've broadened my horizons considerably, but blues still gets top dog status.

Now to the gun relevance. It occurs to me, especially while McDonald v. Chicago is on everyone's mind, that the Paul Butterfield Blues Band's classic "Born in Chicago" has special relevance. Consider the first verse:

I was born in Chicago in nineteen and forty-one
I was born in Chicago in nineteen and forty-one
Well, my father told me, "Son, you had better get a gun"
I couldn't find actual video of Butterfield's band playing it--the YouTube "video" is just a series of still shots--but I couldn't bring myself to use someone else's cover of the song (even the YouTube has some quite good ones).

"Son, you had better get a gun" was superb advice in the '40s, and is superb advice now.