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Friday, March 12, 2010

GRE Round Up, Mar. 12

There's some good stuff being turned out. I hope you're availing yourself of it, and importantly, sharing these links via emails, on blogs and forums, with your local newspaper editor, etc.

A common complaint is media bias and absence of representation for "our side."

These people work hard to change that and ask for nothing from those of us their labors serve other than to help spread the word. I hope no one thinks that's too much to ask.

Here are their latest offerings:

Howard Nemerov/Austin:
Twilight’s Kristen Stewart flirting with death? (This one is actually quite funny, and I'll let you in on the inside joke: Some of us GREs have been digging at Examiner management in our group correspondences for being so anal about localized content and focusing so heavily on celebrity fluff--so you can help us--and Howard--prove a point by making this one popular.)

Ron Bokleman/Boston:
Massachusetts Supreme Court upholds state gun-lock requirement

Steve D. Jones/Fort Smith:
Cowboy journalism in Arkansas

David Codrea/National:
Why do ATF employees question fitness of agent in 'toy gun' seizure?

Dave Workman/Seattle:
NY Times gets an education; Seattle Times wises up

Go. Read. And please share the links. Make them all popular.

You're doing that, right?


Anonymous said...

The North East Patriot Association ( http://www.nepassoc.com ), a legally formed New Hampshire Corporation, New Hampshire allows the forming of Corporations for PATRIOT purposes. So if the Secretary of State, under the Authorization of the Governor, can give the Blessing to the North East Patriot Association, then what rules are actually being broken here?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Not sure what you're referring to, Anon? What rules are being broken where?