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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Mayor Daley is in a snit

For those who think I'm a complainer about how the McDonald oral arguments went, I strike a positively giddy tone, compared to Mayor Daley.

Still, Mayor Daley isn’t giving an inch. In fact, he’s ridiculing the high court for affirming the Second Amendment right to bear arms while sitting in a protective bubble.
Excuse me, Mayor--"sitting in a protective bubble"? This, from the man who has enough (taxpayer funded) bodyguards, even at his vacation home, to catch escaped convicts who come near?
“There’s a reality, but also there should be passion and common sense. We assassinated President John F. Kennedy. We assassinated Martin Luther King. And we assassinated Robert F. Kennedy — and we’re proud of that.
Um--we assassinated them, Mayor? My part in their assassinations was prenatal, apparently (pre-conception, in the case of JFK)--I'm more of a killer than I'd ever imagined.
That’s the answer to problems with a gun. That is not,” Daley said, again ladling on the sarcasm.
Well, he's certainly "ladling on" something.

David has more, including a link to a very topical cartoon.