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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

IL State Rep. Eddie Washington criticized for accepting money from NRA . . . but he didn't

I knew the Illinois chapter of the forcible citizen disarmament lobby was upset about the ignominious defeat of their pet bill--HB 48 (which would ban private handgun sales), but I didn't expect this kind of nuttiness.

On Monday, members of North Suburban Million Mom March, including group president Jennifer Bishop, appeared at Washington's office carrying anti-gun and anti-Washington signs, while looking for answers from the lawmaker.

Bishop, who works as an anti-gun lobbyist in Springfield, said Washington is the group's No. 1 target because the bill failed. She believes he, along with two other black legislators -- Rep. Chuck Jackson, Rockford, and Rep. Eddie Lee Jackson, East St. Louis -- didn't vote for the bill because of influence and contributions from the National Rifle Association.
The Washington referred to above is Representative Eddie Washington (D-60th District), who is about as far as possible from being "a pawn of the 'gun lobby.'" Rep. Washington did not vote "No" on HB 48, by the way--he voted "Present," but that was more than enough to incur the citizen disarmament lobby's wrath.

Also notice that the "Million" (Ha!) Moms and friends are exclusively targeting black legislators, as if being black carries an obligation to support citizen disarmament--I'd love to hear what Pastor Kenn Blanchard would have to say about that.
Bishop's group contends that a $3,000 donation last summer from International Union of Operating Engineer's Local 150 led to Washington's indecision, citing the group's has conservative members and its leaders ties to NRA.
So, to Jennifer Bishop's way of thinking, accepting money from a labor union with "conservative members," and which is led by someone with ties to the NRA, is the same as taking money from the NRA, and allowing one's votes to be swayed by that money.

Bishop is at least honest enough to acknowledge that the contribution did not come directly from the NRA, but from a labor union that allegedly has "ties" to the NRA. Snuffy Pfleger did not even bother with that degree of honesty.
**Eddie Washington (D-Waukegan) 217/558-1012 or 847/623-0060 (Missed 2008 vote)

- Voted P (present) to HB48 on 3/25/2009 after accepting money from the NRA**
The truth just ain't doing the citizen disarmament lobby any favors--I get that--but it still doesn't excuse lying to push one's agenda. Now, they risk alienating a legislator who has long been a pretty good friend of their efforts.

Doesn't make sense to me, either.

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straightarrow said...

I gotta wonder if he had wished for a gun when all those insane people descended upon him.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

A big can of RAID would probably have been sufficient, SA.

ooh0p-h0p0 said...

Raid won't kill rats.