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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Start 'em young: it's never too early to learn that 'guns are bad, m'kay?'

Running behind, as usual. Finally got around to catching up on some email, and learned of this outrage in Lombard, Illinois (excerpt):

Over the last several days, I’ve exchanged emails with Amanda Razeq, an 11th grade English teacher at College Preparatory School of America, which is a high school in Lombard, Illinois. Ms. Razeq emailed me to ask if I would be willing to come and speak to her students about the proposed concealed carry law in Illinois, after she had been unable to find another pro gun person who was willing to do so.
OK--so far so good. It's an important subject, and knowing that her own knowledge was inadequate for the task of instructing her students, she sought outside expertise. I certainly respect that. The problem comes later.
I emailed her back, and expressed possible interest in speaking to her class if she remained unable to find a speaker (I’ve never appeared as a pro gun speaker and therefore would prefer to have someone more experienced do the job if possible, not to mention that I’m rather busy at the moment with school, work, and preparing for the bar exam).

Ms. Razeq politely emailed me back, said that she had found a pro gun rights speaker - but that the school was unwilling to allow any pro gun rights speaker to come speak to her class, out of concern for how the parents would react. The school said that only the anti gun rights speaker from the Million Mom March (an anti gun group) could come speak to the class, although Ms. Razeq (who is not an expert in the pro gun rights area) could offer her opinions.
In other words, to protect the delicate sensibilities of some parents, who might, theoretically object to their offspring learning about self-defense, only the pro-defenselessness side would be presented. There's some quality education administration.
My thoughts on the matter, my correspondence with Ms. Razeq, and the school’s contact information are below. The school plans to give the anti gun speaker the ability to indoctrinate the students on Friday, March 20, 2009, so please contact the school and express your concerns right away
Go to the original link (here it is again) and read the whole thing. Obviously, there's not a lot of time, so I'd like to get folks moving on this. Here's the contact info:
Phone: 630-889-8000
Fax: 630-889-8012
Email: mainoffice@cpsaonline.org
Address: College Preparatory School of America, 331 West Madison Street, Lombard, IL 60148.


Anonymous said...

Are they tax exempt? Isn't there a problem with allowing a tax-exempt organization to effectively preclude open debate on political issues?


Anonymous said...

What do the history teachers do when they need to discuss the Bill of rights in that school? I wonder how many amendments the schools version has?
Somehow I think theirs is missing a few.

Anonymous said...

I like your stuff. I added your feed to my blog. Keep up the good work!

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Thanks, Harrison.

I should be clear that this particular post is just me trying to help spread the word of a story that really belongs to Learn About Guns.

Anonymous said...

here's what i sent. sincerely doubt it effectiveness:

I'm not sure I should be talking to you. You may not be worthy of even that minimal respect.

But, let me restate the reason for this missive, just in case I am misinformed.

It has come to my attention that you have green-lighted a presentation by a civil rights denying body (The Million Moms March), but have refused to allow a speaker to appear and address your students as regards one of the most basic civil rights granted by God and guaranteed by our Constitution.

I find that morally abhorrent, but it is not my place to monitor your morals. However, there is another problem here. I also find it treasonous and that is the concern of every American. It doesn't matter why you betray your country and your students. It only matters that you do. Protestations of societal comfort, community cohesiveness, peer approval are no excuse for traitorous behavior.

Further, if you are too dim to understand the above and its ramifications, you're way too damn dim to be teaching young people or administering those who do. "Dim" is generous, it presupposes you are just stupid. No one holds the truly stupid to account, because they just can't be smart and always do the right thing.

My suspicions are that you are not "dim", else you could not have obtained a teaching ceriificate nor could you have risen in the ranks to administer the work of other educators, though I use that term loosely, especially as regards those who follow your lead.

My suspicion is that you are evil, or weak, and most definitely traitorous. Trading away the heritage of your country, that very heritage you should be encouraging students under your tutelage to learn, for personal acceptance or professional advancement is traitorous and evil.

Now that you have read what I have to say on the subject of your involvement, I expect you think I am going to ask you not to let the MMM representative speak. Well, you would be wrong. This is America and they have a right to speak. I think they are wrong, but too many good people died to protect their right to speak. I will not dishonor those who secured that right by seeking to silence another American. I only ask that you do the same and allow a representative to speak on the meaning of the Second Amendment, and its practical ramifications, benefits, and yes, its problems.

To do less is a self-inflicted insult to your existence and your career. It's up to you.

Charles H. Sawders

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

SA, you may not have changed any minds (which probably wasn't likely, anyway), but I imagine you got their attention. Something to be said for that.

Clay said...


Here's what I sent this morning, kind of like before - I don't know how effective it is, but it's at least showing that there's some attention being paid:

Good morning,

It has come to my attention your intent to indoctrinate students in Ms. Razeq's class. Apparently she is doing a unit on the proposed concealed carry law in Illinois. This is to be commended because students need to be aware of the arguments for and against this important piece of legislation. I understand a colleague of mine was asked to come speak to to Ms. Razeq's class in favor of this legislation but was later told he would not be allowed to come because your administration would not allow it. It's good to know that your administration is intent on indoctrinating students into a belief system that will terrify them of a very important defensive tool, and possibly cause them to seek to undermine the constitutional rights of others later in life becaue of this irrational fear.

As an educator myself I'm always interested in the opposing viewpoints on issues. Students often know what my opinion is and I will often make an effort to bring in an opposing viewpoint to keep me honest or argue against me. It makes me think - it makes me decide for myself. It makes the students decide for themselves. It keeps their minds sharp. I've had my mind changed before -- so have my students. It's clear your administration is not interested in intelligent, free-thinking students, but regurgitation machines that will spout back whatever social agenda you have set out for them - set in the guise of education

Education is not about indoctrination, even though it seems more and more every year it is just that. You may choose to revise your decision and allow this speaker to extoll the merits of a concealed carry permit program in Illinois - and all the benefits society reap from having concealed weapon carries among the populace - or you can continue to run your indoctrination machine on it's current course.

As an educator I know what my decision would be.



Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Well done, Clay.