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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So what if they are 'weapons of war'?

The Second Amendment was intended to protect the ability of the people to field infantry as well equipped as any they might have to face, in the form of enemies foreign or domestic. That is why arguments about a "sporting purpose" of a given firearm, or class of firearms, miss the boat--and why, indeed, the entire "sporting purpose" clause of the Gun Control of 1968 (and subsequent legislation) is a disgraceful insult to all the brave men and women who have died to defend the Constitution.

"Weapons of war"? Those are just what Constitutional militias need. Those who claim otherwise are telling one more lie, which I suppose makes this article more closely related to Monday's than I had thought. [More]
That's today's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner column--please give it a look.

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