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Monday, March 23, 2009

One stop shopping for Gun Rights Examiners!

Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner Daniel White has done some very nice work in setting up a home page for all of us GREs, at GunRightsExaminers.com. Thanks Daniel.

Additionally, some of you have noticed that Examiner.com is having some technical issues, with articles being impossible to access. Supposedly, the Examiner tech guys are on it, and it will hopefully be fixed soon. In the meantime, please be patient, and keep trying to check out our stuff.

One more thing--on Thursday, David Codrea will be interviewing Pastor Kenn Blanchard, author of "Black Man with a Gun," about citizen disarmament, race, and racism. As has been his format for interviews at War on Guns, he will open up the comments section for a question and answer session with Pastor Blanchard.

I know I'm looking forward to this.