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Monday, May 28, 2007

And another thing . . .

In my discussion yesterday of the siege of Chuck's Gun Shop, there was something I forgot to mention about the media coverage. This event, which (depending on whether one believes the Daily Southtown, or the Chicago Tribune) featured either "about 1,000" protesters, or "almost 200," got fairly heavy press coverage. The two newspapers I mentioned, plus ABC7Chicago (in which Jackson compared gun shops to Iraqi insurgency bases) are just the ones I know of to carry stories about it.

Contrast that to IGOLD (Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day), in which 1200 or more gun owners from all over the state went to Springfield, in the finest tradition of grassroots activism, to demand an end to Chicago-style "gun control" over the entire state. The media almost universally ignored it. Perhaps as few as 200 people complain outside a gun store, and it's big news, but 1200 people going to the State Capitol Building, to tell their elected representatives to start . . . representing them, for a change--and it's not a story.

Similarly, with four counties in Illinois adopting resolutions of defiance of the draconian gun laws oozing their way through the Politburo legislature, and more considering similar resolutions, one might expect some kind of reaction from the media. If so, one would be wrong, for the most part.

That's all I have for today. I hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day, and is taking some time to honor the courage, the nobility, and the sacrifices of the brave men and women who have paid with their blood for our way of life. On a personal note, I'll never forget 1st Sergeant Ernest Utt, who was the chief of the cannon crew of which I was a minor part, many years ago, in my paratrooper days. He was killed in Baghdad on June 27, 2004. I am fortunate to have known him, and America is fortunate to have benefited from his brave service.