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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Chuck's Gun Shop "protest" to be covered on Hannity and Colmes tonight

Email notice from the Illinois State Rifle Association:

May 31, 2007:
Last Saturday's Protest at Chuck's Gun Shop on Fox News Channel Tonight at 8:00 CDT

This is a quick note to our members and other readers:

If you've been following the fallout from Jesse Jackson's protest at Chuck's Gun Shop last Saturday, especially Father Michael Pfleger's inflammatory threats leveled at John Riggio and pro-gun legislators, then you might want to tune into the Hannity & Colmes show tonight on the Fox News Channel.

This show is transmitted via cable, satellite, certain broadcast affiliate TV and radio stations at 8:00 pm CDT. If you don't have the Fox News Channel, or don't have a TV, you might be able to listen to a live webcast at www.foxnews.com.
I don't know how much (if at all) "Father" Pfleger's outrageous behavior will be covered, but there's one way to find out.

UPDATE: For those who missed it, you're in luck--here it is. It turned out to be all about Pfleger's death threat. It was worth watching just for the beginning, which had much clearer audio of Pfleger than the initial MP3 file did.


me said...

didn't catch it, anything on this?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

It turned out to be all about this--and you can see it here.

opaww said...

I sent this un-American a nasty letter

me said...

FINALLY. Man, I had to break out the laptop to try to see it, Fox news and firefox have some issues.

For those folks who might benefit from this info, get the Unplug extension and save the file to your computer. What I did.

Colmes is such a ass. Yeah Alan, he really didn't mean kill him when he said snuff. It's all partisan, not like public figures have plenty of government provided protection or anything like that. Not like he specifically spelled out his name so people could track his address down in the phone book. Nope, it's all just a misunderstanding.