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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More discussion of the Kotowski/Millner Civilian Disarmament Act

I have decided to brave the risk of being tediously fixated on the Senate passage of the hideous SB 1007, and write a bit more about it (can you tell I'm still more than a little annoyed?). I discussed last Saturday, and again yesterday, the perfidy of some senators whom gun owners had a right to believe they could trust not to vote against our interests, but who ended up doing exactly that.

In that group, I would include Senator Dan Cronin, Senator Kirk Dillard, Senator Randall Hultgren, Senator Matt Murphy, and Senator John Millner. Today's focus will be on that last one, with his NRA endorsement and A+ grade.

Instead of talking about the NRA's "grade inflation," though (which has already been discussed here and elsewhere), I want to take a closer look at the depth of Senator Millner's treachery, and his apparent attempt to justify it. It was not enough for Senator Millner to "merely" vote for Commissar Senator Kotowski's civilian disarmament bill--he chose to sign on as a chief cosponsor, immediately after Kotowski derailed the bill from its original purpose (protecting children from sexual exploitation), and turned it into a pointless attack on the Constitutionally guaranteed fundamental human right of the individual to keep and bear arms.

But wait! There's good news--Senator Millner is on our side after all--he said so, in a phone conversation with an angry constituent:

I was put right through to Sen. Milner. As some of you know he voted yes on the mag ban. I called to voice my displeasure. Some of you also may remember he voted no on the AWB. Why the switch? Well Mr. Milner first said he has been swamped with email's and was having an impossible time explaining in an e mail why he voted the way he did. He than proceeded to talk to me at great length about his dislike for any type of gun control. At several time's I thought I was talking to one of my shooting buddies instead of a politician. He own's an AR has Hi cap mag's. What this all come's down to is the Dem's in this state are fighting hard. Men like Senator Milner are outnumbered and attacked from every angle. They are doing everything they can. And the mag ban was the bargaining chip. It was that or a gun ban. A 50 cal. ban. Which could have included muzzle loader's. He told me this ban has been ammended to piece's from what the dem's originally wanted. How would you have like'd to do 10 year's for one 20 round mag? He hope's he did'nt make a mistake. And made it very clear to me that he is on our side. I will be watching and in my opinion if we could vote in more men and woman like Sen. Milner we would not have much to worry about. Your opinion's Will be appriciated.
Now I don't know the person who originally posted this at AR15.com, and thus cannot vouch for the veracity of his account. Still, I cannot easily think of a motive for fabricating such a story. So, if we are to believe that this conversation took place, Senator Millner's rather strong support for this attack on gun rights was motivated by a desire to . . . protect gun rights. Sure--makes sense to me. Apparently, he believes that his enthusiastic support for the Kotowski/Millner civilian disarmament bill will help ensure that other anti-gun legislation (even more heinous, I suppose) will be thwarted. Too bad he didn't see fit to explain that remarkable assertion (when I called it "remarkable," I never said the remarks would be polite). Senator Millner sounds like just the guy I might be able to interest in a good deal on a pair of breeding mules.

Thanks for your "help," Senator, but next time, please don't bother.

The House Rules Committee has assigned this bill to the House Executive Committee. From there, it could go to the House floor for a vote at any time. Anyone who intends to help fight it had better hurry.


Anonymous said...

Millner, thy name is coward.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

It gets worse, SA--within the last couple hours, Representative Ed Sullivan Jr., who claims to be on gun owners' side, and who also received NRA's endorsement and a B grade, signed on as Alternate Chief Cosponsor in the House.

I don't know what the other side is offering to convince these people to sell us out, but I hope it's bloody good.

me said...

I don't know what the other side is offering to convince these people to sell us out, but I hope it's bloody good.

probably offering them sanctuary when the war they're trying to start hits home.