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Monday, May 14, 2007

Quick update

I wrote Saturday about five Illinois state Senators who I was told had received endorsements and high grades from the NRA last November (plus one who was not endorsed, and received a D grade, but whose voting history would seem to indicate an F), but who still voted for the SB 1007 abomination.

At the time, I could not positively confirm those grades, or that the NRA had endorsed them (although I trusted the person who stated those claims). That has changed--I now have last November's issue of "American Rifleman" in front of me, and it confirms what I had been told: Senator Cronin--endorsed with a B grade, Senator Dillard--endorsed with a B+ grade, Senator Hultgren--endorsed with an A grade, Senator Millner--endorsed with an A+ grade (and he signed on as chief cosponsor of the bill when it was hijacked from being a bill about sexual exploitation of children, to one about magazines!), and Senator Murphy--endorsed with an A grade.

Who needs the Bradys, when we have the NRA?


Anonymous said...

"Who needs the Bradys, when we have the NRA?"

Well put, sir, well put.