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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Good news (for the moment, anyway) for Red's Trading Post

Awhile back, I briefly mentioned the witch hunt launched by the BATFE against Red's Trading Post. Idaho's oldest gun shop was found guilty of several trivial, accidental paperwork violations (such as forms with "Y" or "N" answers, instead of "Yes" or "No"), but despite the fact that the Firearm Owners Protection Act mandated that violations would have to have been "willful" to justify shutting their firearms business down, the ATF blocked Red's from acquiring any more firearms.

However, the owner, Ryan Horsley, filed for an injunction that would allow him to continue full operations, and today, Judge Edward Lodge has granted that injunction (and was refreshingly critical of the BATFE's strong-arm tactics in the bargain). Red's can again both buy and sell firearms while the case is adjudicated.

The court case itself has yet to be scheduled, but this new development gives me some hope that Red's might get a fair shake in the court system.

The BATFE's persecution of Red's inspired me to join Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership, because I view JPFO as the strongest voice advocating the disbandment of the ATF, and the end of their thuggery. Hopefully, more folks will do the same, and that will be the legacy of this unfair attack on Idaho's oldest gun dealer.


Ryan Horsley said...

I appreciate all the e-mails and phones calls of support. It is still going to be a long road. Please keep supporting other dealers who are going through this and lets turn back the tide of these attacks. Contact your Congressional Delegates and make sure firearms organizations are addressing this problem.