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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fighting the Kotowski/Millner Civilian Disarmament Act

By the way, I should have mentioned that what we need to do now is flood the House Executive Committee's (that's where SB 1007 is at the moment) phone lines with calls pushing for opposition to SB 1007.

Chairperson : Daniel J. Burke (217) 782-1117

Vice-Chairperson : Joseph M. Lyons (217) 782-8400

Republican Spokesperson : Dan Brady (217) 782-1118

Edward J. Acevedo (217) 782-2855

Maria Antonia Berrios (217) 558-1032

Bob Biggins (217) 782-6578

Richard T. Bradley (217) 782-8117

Brent Hassert (217) 782-4179

James H. Meyer (217) 782-8028

Robert S. Molaro (217) 782-5280

Robert Rita (217) 558-1000

Angelo Saviano (217) 782-3374

Arthur L. Turner (217) 782-8116


opaww said...

I posted a link to here on a couple of forums asking they come here and get a Phone Number and give them a call