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Monday, May 07, 2007

Rifle advice request

My fellow gun rights blogger at Sharp as a Marble could use some advice.

He's a handgunner, looking to get into rifle shooting on a budget. He's not interested in AR type rifles, and wants something in a serious caliber.

I don't know enough to be of any help--being paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair, long guns aren't especially practical for me, so most of my firearms knowledge (what I have of it) is geared to handguns.

Anyway, you rifle shooters who have some ideas would be doing a fellow shooter a big favor if you stopped by and offered some guidance.


opaww said...

What will be the rifle's basic use? target, hunting, or both?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

From this sentence on his blog:

But honestly, when it comes time for the poop to hit the air spinner, I'd like to have a little bit better firepower and range. Reach out and touch someone, you know.

I get the impression that it would be intended for heavy-duty defense.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe I'm saying this, and I'm not trying to be rude or look smart, but I'm finding it a bit difficult to believe that's a serious question. Doesn't a bolt action in .308 or .30-06 quickly come to mind for even a handgun-only shooter? I'm confused.

opaww said...

You can buy a Remington 30.06 or 7mm at wal-mart for around $300 U.S. which makes a good all aroung rifle. My friend bought one at a gun shop for $350 and we saw the same rifle at wal-mart for $50 less. It also comes with a fair 3-9 scope if I remember right

Anonymous said...

I like the military surplus rifles. I'm a history nut, however.

I have a Swiss K31 (7.5mm - .308) for instance. The K31's are hard to beat for accuracy in the military surplus categories. You can still get them for $150-$200 for a little while longer.

Another nice weapon is the M1 Garand (semi-auto) at about $1000 or so.

For sniper action the Springfield 1903A4 was used up to the Vietnam War, though they are hard to get. A bit easier to get is the 1903A3. This is a bolt action .30 cal weapon. I see them at the $1500 price and up.

Smershagent said...

I'm with you, dwlawson.

For something readily available with heavy stopping power, I might suggest the Soviet 91/30 Nagant.

I really like my SKSs, but if hitting hard is the main objective, they might be found wanting.

AIM Surplus is currently offering WW2-era k98s for ~$200. In my experience, it's one of the most accurate milsurp rifles of that period. Ammunition is also plentiful.

opaww said...

I have a Soviet 91/30 Nagant.
and am very happy with it, it is hard hitting has good accuricy and was $90 U.S. I also got a free scope mount from the gunshop with it but have not installed it yet.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

You guys are coming up with great suggestions, but I should have been more clear--I meant for you to leave your comments at Robb's blog.

That's alright--I just told him to come here and check out the ideas.

Thanks for the responses.

Anonymous said...

1957, not a problem at all. I'm slightly tongue in cheek, but I really don't know much about rifle calibers. I shoot 10mm and .357 magnum for the most part, but really when it comes to rifles, well, I only know the names and not ballistic properties of the ammo.

30.06 comes to mind because of the M1-Garand, but I can't seem to ever find one that's not a 'rare collectors item' and marked up to above $1,000.

I'm not a gun collector. Never will be. I adore the phrase "Beware of the man with only one gun because he probably knows how to use it." because it suits me fine. I'm looking for a single rifle that will, and I won't mince words here, kill cleanly and decisively. I don't hunt (not much more than squirrels and deer that aren't much bigger than squirrels here) and with hurricanes a regular feature of living in Florida, I want to protect my family and property. My Glock and Dan Wesson do good for short range one on one, but just in case...

Thanks for everyone's input. I'm going to start doing some shopping and see if I can take any to the range for a test drive.

opaww said...

If you would like a M1 grand and are willing to join CMP, you can get them for around $350-$500 in 30-06 Here is a link to there site.


Anonymous said...

My comment there was said to be spam and would be moderated, hence I know not whether I was able to help.

But his description of needs fits perfectly an SKS.

Anonymous said...

Remington 7615 pump action .223 can use M-16/AR-15 magazines. Ruger auto Mini-14 is dependable and easy to shoot.