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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Civilian disarmament advocates--urging us to participate in our own subjugation . . . for the children

In today's Chicago Tribune appears a letter written by Thomas Mannard (Executive Director of the Illinois Council against Handgun Violence) and Arne Duncan (Chief Executive Officer of Chicago Public Schools), ostensibly lamenting the murder of high school student Blair Holt, but in reality exploiting his death to forward the ICHV's agenda of disarming the citizenry. The letter ignores the myriad gun laws that were already broken merely by the killer having a handgun (which, by virtue of Chicago's gun laws, would have been illegal even if he were of legal age), let alone bringing it onto a school bus.

The only U.S. city with gun laws more draconian than Chicago's is Washington D.C. (you know--the city whose gun laws have been found by a Federal Appellate Court to be blatantly unconstitutional)--but Chicago's laws did nothing to preserve Blair Holt's life. Given both Chicago's and D.C.'s perennial placement among the "leaders" in violent crime among our large cities, this young man's death is clearly no exception in that regard.

It seems that in the wake of the Parker v. District of Columbia ruling, more and more civilian disarmament advocates are abandoning any attempt at stealth, and are now openly acknowledging that the goal is a complete revocation of the Constitutionally guaranteed fundamental human right of the individual to keep and bear arms. Instead of disingenuously pushing for what they had once called "reasonable restrictions," while promising no attacks on "legitimate" use (i.e., sporting use--as if the framers of the Constitution believed that protection of the right to sport should be enshrined in the Bill of Rights), they are now openly admitting that the real goal is total civilian disarmament. The letter's last sentence is a case in point.

We as a society need to start showing that we value our children more than the right to bear arms.
Apparently, we are to believe that the legacy we owe to future generations is one of disarmed, helpless, thralldom.

I reject that notion. I will continue to fight all gun laws--and I will do so for the children.


Anonymous said...

"We as a society need to start showing that we value our children more than the right to bear arms."

If he truly valued the children this is what he would have said [We as a society need to start showing that we value our children enough to bear arms in their defense, should that defense be needed.]

Anonymous said...

Hear hear. This type of stupidity always gets me down.

I would like to take a moment to mention the hero of this tragedy: Blair Holt.

From the account of the incident, this young man, when faced with an armed murderer, chose to shield an innocent girl at the cost of his own life.

This exemplifies my call for a return of the "Militia Attitude" as someone else coined it.

It just goes to show the power of Just.One.Person

me said...

the ONLY thing that could be done "for the children" in a beneficial way it to beat the living crap out of a politician every time a child gets out of line.

Given enough time this will lead to them removing the asinine restrictions on parents PARENTING their children and PUNISHING THEM when they get out of line. It worked from the beginning of time until it was declared to be illegal. Which just so happens to be the time we really started to go down the crapper at an extreme pace.