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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I knew Father Michael Pfleger was crazy, but I didn't know he was homicidal

Over that last few days, I've discussed (here and here) the mob of people that gathered in front of Chuck's Gun Shop, in Riverdale, Illinois, to complain about lawful sales of firearms. I talked a bit about some of what Jesse Jackson spewed, but I neglected to say much about his even crazier counterpart, Father Michael Pfleger (in this picture--from an unrelated event, he's the one who is not Louis Farrakhan).

It's actually not that I neglected to post what Pfleger said, it's just that it's so over-the-top, so unbelievably vile, that I hesitated to post it without being able to back up the fact that he did indeed say it. Well, thanks to the Illinois State Rifle Association, now I can back it up. One of the counter-protesters at Chuck's Saturday recorded Pfleger's hate speech, in which he called for the murder ("snuffing out," in his words) of John Riggio (owner of Chuck's Gun Shop) and pro-rights legislators.

During an address at an anti-gun rally in front of Chuck's, Rev. Michael Pfleger, pastor of St. Sabina's Church, exhorted the crowd to "drag" shop owner, John Riggio, from his shop "like a rat" and "snuff" him. Rev. Pfleger went on to tell the crowd that legislators that vote against gun control legislation should be "snuffed" as well. As many know, "snuff" is slang for especially violent murder.
Still don't believe me? Listen to the MP3 file.

So much for "Thou shalt not kill," eh? Clearly, the civilian disarmament lobby is the farthest thing from being an "anti-violence" movement, as it purports to be. Apparently Pfleger has gotten tired of even pretending that violence prevention is the goal.

UPDATE: Kudos to the Second Amendment Foundation for helping to make sure this isn't just swept under the rug.

By the way, it looks as if Pfleger (or
someone from St. Sabina, anyway) stopped by here--too bad he didn't leave a comment--even if it was just to threaten to "snuff" me out, too.


me said...

Sounds like John needs a copy of that so he can get a restraining order (for what little good it'll do) and to file a police report. Also coming from a church member, would this, assuming he has a 501c3 be political enough to lose his tax exempt? Hate crime? Accessory to murder if God forbid it happens? Certainly the same as shouting fire in a theater, no?

There must be ONE honest cop/judge/fed who would look into this matter.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I get the impression that there is some interest in looking at legal avenues for addressing Pfleger's criminal threats and attempts to incite violence--but I don't know for sure, and I certainly don't know details.

Anonymous said...

There must be ONE honest cop/judge/fed who would look into this matter.
LOL. there were cops ALL OVER when Pfleger said it.

opaww said...

This pfleger ass needs to be taken out and shot, but that is just my opinion

Anonymous said...

The commandment is not "Thall shalt not kill."

It was originally "Thall shalt not murder."

An entirely different dynamic and principle, here. We are divinely inspired and exhorted to defend our most precious gift, life. Even Jesus said for one with no sword to sell his robe and buy a sword.

What that asshole did was incite murder, which is criminal. But then so is all of Chicago's PD and political administration.

Anonymous said...

Someone get this "Priest" an altarboy so he has something to do with his spare time...

Anonymous said...

Someone get this "Priest" an altarboy so he has something to do with his spare time... LOL

He also said if Obama is harmed those doing him harm will answer to us, meaning I suppose him and his followers. I have seen a few of this speeches; this guy's delivery reminds me of Hitler.

Chief RZ said...

Would that not be inciting a riot, or at least encouraging murder such as the KKK has been accused of in the past?

Flanders Fields said...



I laughed out loud with anonymous on his "get this "Priest" an altarboy" comment.

45superman, I've heard that there is getting to be a lot of interest in looking at avenues for addressing Pfleger's, and other haters of Whites and Americans, comments and actions.

Anonymous said...

Michael Pfleger, I hesitate to call him 'Father', is another fool looking for a spotlight. He actually thinks that the people he's grandstanding for apprciate and respect him. They're just laughing up their sleeves. He's a clown and should be defrocked.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Pfleger has, like Rev. Wright, been removed from the clergy endorsement section of Obama's website. However, this was occasioned not by his urging the abduction and homicide of the firearms store owner, but by his insulting Ms. Clinton. Apparently in Obama's eliteist mindset it's more serious to insult a fellow senator than it is to call for the homicide of an ordinary citizen.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Good point, Anon.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

F**k off, spammer.