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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Illinois State Senator Dan Kotowski supports the sexual exploitation of children

Today, SB 1007, which until today had been a bill about sexual exploitation of children, was amended into a bill that would ban magazines with a capacity of greater than ten rounds (I guess standard capacity magazines offend some members of the Illinois Politburo legislature more than the sexual exploitation of children does). This amendment was introduced by recently elected Senator Dan Kotowski, who had previously been executive director of the Illinois Council against Handgun Violence (one of the largest recipients of the Joyce Foundation's anti-gun largesse).

By the way, not long ago, I discussed some reasons that Carolyn "I don't know what barrel shrouds are, but I want to ban them anyway" McCarthy's H.R. 1859 would have exactly zero effect in terms of saving lives. Kotowski's amendment to Illinois SB 1007 would basically be a state version of the same kind of draconian legislation that McCarthy is trying to pass at the federal level. The same logic would of course apply to why such legislation has no utility at the state level.

This could be voted on as early as Wednesday, May 2nd. What the aspiring tyrants couldn't achieve by force of numbers (and the civilian disarmament crowd in the Illinois Politburo legislature definitely has numbers), they are trying to achieve by stealth. Their willingness to resort to such underhanded, dishonorable tactics shows that they fear the voice of the people, and the grassroots outrage at their unconstitutional, fascist agenda.

Anyone in Illinois, please give your state Senator a call early tomorrow morning, and give them reason to respect the power of the people.


The Mad Hatter said...

I think I read somewhere that insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

"Let me bang my head against this wall some more...it was hard the last time, but maybe it'll be soft this time."

Gah... Libtards have no sense of history.

Anonymous said...

In Colorado, we have a single subject law for the state legislature. This would clearly violate that rule. I think other states should adopt it, as well as the US Congress. I think it would prevent a lot of the corruption and stupid laws. In Colorado, it has reduced the number of stupid laws that get passed, but hasn't eliminated them.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Anon, that's a law I could definitely get behind.

DesertRat said...

Saw that this morning and started spreading the news far and wide.

I can't wait till I can leave this state.

Anonymous said...

Actually it is a single subject law. It has nothing to do with Child Sexual exploitation anymore.

They create these shell bills by the handful so they can whip out these sneaky bills when they think no one is looking...or maybe more of their side is present one day and less of the other side.