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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Help to stop the madness

A couple days ago, I wrote about the appalling lengths to which Senator Kotowski is willing to go in order to outlaw standard capacity magazines (here is his amendment again, for anyone who missed it in the earlier post). I am going to ask that anyone in Illinois (or even anyone likely to spend any time here) call these senators to ask for their opposition to SB 1007. These calls need to go out as soon as possible.

Edward Maloney: (217)-782-5145
Maggie Crotty: (217)-782-9595
Dan Cronin: (217)-782-8107
Michael Noland: (217)-782-7746
Carole Pankau: (217)-782-9463
Kirk Dillard: (217)-782-8148
John Millner: (217)-782-8192
Michael Bond: (217)-782-7353
Pamela Althoff: (217)-782-8000
Linda Holmes: (217)-782-0422
Legislators might vote for this bill, thinking that it actually has something to do with protecting children from the evil of sexual predation. They need to learn that, thanks to Senator Kotowski, it now has nothing to do with that.

UPDATE: By the way, according to a rumor that I have so far been unable to confirm, the author of the original bill (before the magazine ban amendment was added), Senator A.J. Wilhelmi, does not support the bill, and is none too happy that it's been hijacked to serve Kotowski's fascist agenda.

Way to make friends among your party cohorts, Dan.


Anonymous said...


checkout the status of SB1007. It looks like Sen. Dan Kotowski is now the chief sponsor of that bill.

BTW, I couldn't find the text of his amendment to this bill. Could you post it if you know where it is? Thanks.

-ckm, gazette.flederma.us

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Yeah, this monstrosity is Kotowski's hideous baby now. Here's the link to the amendment (you get to it by clicking on "Full Text" (from the status page you provided a link to). From there, click on "Senate Bill 001."