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Friday, June 01, 2007

Snuff out ABC's "news" story

I (briefly) mentioned yesterday that "Father" Pfleger and some of his allies in civilian disarmament will be part of a TV panel next week on ABC, to discuss "solutions" to youth violence in Chicago (anyone willing to bet that the "solutions" will not involve yet further restrictions on that which shall not be infringed?). ABC makes provisions for comments, and boy did David Codrea have a comment! This is just the beginning (follow the link for the rest):

How can you people even feign objectivity with the panel of citizen disarmament zealots you have assembled? How do you have the absolute gall to present this under auspices of "news," as opposed to agenda-driven statist propaganda? And who will violence-stopping Mike Pfleger recommend snuffing out this time?
Anyway, Mr. Codrea's idea of blitzing ABC with such comments (don't worry if you can't come up with anything that good--I certainly didn't) is a very good one. It only takes a few minutes. Spread this around throughout the blogosphere and on the gun forums, and talk to ABC--here's the contact form.

Let's do this, folks.


Anonymous said...

Below is what I sent them.****************************

Your upcoming panel on solutions to youth violence in Chicago has got to be a very poor joke.

If not, then you and your staff should probably declare your loyalty to whichever entity other than the United States of America that you hold in the interest of full disclosure.

It is incomprehensible that included on this panel would be a murder mongering priest who has called for the death of those with whom he disagrees. Don't even try that lame and limp crap he did when he said he didn't know what "snuff out" meant. Catholics light too damn many candles not to understand the term whether or not they have ever been exposed to the "da hood".

Where are the constitutionalists on the panel. Why have you not invited John Lott, or Fred Thompson, or Dr. Kleck?

I believe in all the constitutionally guaranteed rights, including the rights guaranteed (not granted) under the first amendment. You may speak disingenuously as you like. But if you had the guts you always pat yourselves on the backs for, you would admit your real agenda. Truth and news damn sure isn't it when you invite a recruiter for murder to discuss how to reduce violence as though he were credible.

Sickened by your hypocrisy,
signed my real name.