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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Correction: the Carolyn McCarthy/NRA Gun Control Act of 2007 is not H.R. 297 (but that doesn't make it any better)

I'll continue to stand behind most of what I said Sunday, about the new "compromise" between the NRA and the Congressional advocates of civilian disarmament, but I was wrong about the bill being H.R. 297. It's a brand new bill, H.R. 2640, for which the text is not yet available to the public, but which already has 14 cosponsors (it took H.R. 297 almost 4 months to accumulate that many).

Gun Owners of America explains many of the problems with this "compromise." The GOA analysis basically goes into detail in stating pretty much the same thing I did Sunday--that the "significant concessions" supposedly "won" by the NRA are illusory, either in the sense that we already had them, or in that this bill cannot deliver them.

By the way, see what David Codrea had to say about this "compromise," particularly this bit of grim humor.


Anonymous said...

Selected pieces from the introduction:

"(1) Approximately 916,000 individuals were prohibited from purchasing a firearm for failing a background check between November 30, 1998, (the date the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) began operating) and December 31, 2004."

Could we get a breakdown of the reasons for those prohibitions?

"(4) Nearly 21,000,000 criminal records are not accessible by NICS and millions of criminal records are missing critical data, such as arrest dispositions, due to data backlogs."

Considering that the crime rate continues in a manner independent of disarmament laws, this is something I would not want to record in the text of a bill that is yet to be voted upon. It's basically an admission that NICS is a failure. That's news to me, but if they say so...

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Good eye, TJH.