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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Connecticut passes Blame the Victim legislation

I have written frequently (most recently here) about my utter disgust with the appalling drive in Connecticut to hold crime victims responsible for firearms stolen from them.

Well, SB 938 (formerly SB 903) passed last night, and is headed to the governor's desk for her expected signature. Incredibly, if a gun owner (and burglary victim) abides by the law, and reports the stolen gun, the report triggers an immediate investigation into whether or not the gun was stored "safely," by the ill-defined (if not undefined) standards of Connecticut law, leaving the gun owner open to prosecution for his method of storage.

As I mentioned here, if Connecticut wants to crack down on irresponsible storage and accountability of firearms, the legislature would be best served by injecting some responsibility into the Hartford, CT police department.

The people of Connecticut have certainly inflicted some Looney legislators on themselves.


BobG said...

If you don't store it properly, and it is stolen, wouldn't it be a violation of the Fifth Amendment to force a person to call it in?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

That would certainly seem to be the case as far as I can tell, Bob.

Anonymous said...

What happens if my gun is stolen in Florida?

Am I obligated to report it to Connecticut, in case it shows up there in a crime?

Can they then prosecute me for failure to properly store it?

What if the thief's young child gets ahold of the gun? Am I liable, under Ct. law for what the kid does, or for not protecting my weapon from his nefarious Dad?

Is this law stupid, or what?

Ol' Jim, hisself

me said...

bobg, good call. So...how to get the word out to gun owners in Connecticut so they can challenge the "law"?