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Monday, June 18, 2007

Illinois Freedom Train still gathering speed

Regular readers (I know I have at least two) are aware that I have been following with interest the trend for Illinois counties to adopt resolutions condemning Chicago-style "gun-control" (my most recent update was here).

Today I have a couple corrections, as well as yet another update. One of the corrections pertains to the fact that this trend started (albeit in a small way) much earlier than I had thought--I had given credit for first in this movement to Brown County, which passed their resolution on April 9th of this year. As it turns out, Shelby County adopted such a resolution way back in 2003 (in response to horrid anti-gun legislation oozing around in the Illinois Politburo legislature then--sound familiar?) A scan of a newspaper article about that resolution can be seen here. That resolution didn't start a chain reaction (as far as I have been able to discover, anyway), the way the Brown and Pike resolutions did, but perhaps it helped set the stage.

The other correction I need to make is to mention the huge part played by Mark Mountain, of the Pike-Adams Sportsman's Alliance, in advancing this year's resolutions--he has provided an enormous part of the driving force behind this movement. Mark will be on the NRA's Cam and Company broadcast tomorrow evening.

The update is that on Friday, June 15th, Greene County passed such a resolution. That brings the total (when Shelby County is included) up to nine counties: Shelby, Brown, Pike, Hancock, Schuyler, Johnson, Randolph, White, and Greene. At least a dozen and a half others have this kind of resolution pending on the county board agenda, or at least a movement underway to build support for such a resolution. Click here for the most recent county map.

One would think that it's going to get difficult for groups like the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence to claim that Illinois residents overwhelmingly support yet more restrictive so-called "gun control" laws. Then again, the fact that such a statement is demonstrably false hardly seems much of an obstacle to these folks.

Latest update: here


Anonymous said...

45Superman..Thanks for the recognition, not really necessary. Makes no difference who was first, what matters is who is going to be the last, the 101st county to tell Cook and the city to cease and desist with the corruption of our rights!! Hope we get to crown that county (the last one)soon!!

ABolt (Shelby County)