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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wayne Fincher gets 6 1/2 years for Criminal Patriotism

I just now got the bad news. The link in Mr. Codrea's post is already dead--I guess the media doesn't consider the imprisonment of the citizenry, for the crime of upholding the Constitution, to be particularly newsworthy.

Here is an article that is still available.

Judge Jimm Hendren made the ruling on Fincher's sentencing, opting to impose the minimum recommended sentence according to federal sentencing guidelines, which set his imprisonment at between 78 and 97 months. Hendren also put Fincher on two years' probation once he leaves prison and required him to pay the government $1,000.

Fincher's court-appointed attorney, Shannon Blatt, asked Hendren to consider Fincher's poor health and that of his wife and sentence Fincher to house arrest or probation. Hendren said given the severity of Fincher's crimes he could not allow such a lenient sentence.
How very generous of the judge.

We also learn that Fincher could have lessened the punishment, by licking the hands of those who consider themselves our masters.
Hendren said Fincher would have faced a more lenient sentence had he entered into a plea agreement with the federal government.
So, it would seem that not only is Fincher to be imprisoned for his patriotism, but his imprisonment will be longer because he is unapologetic about it.

I would think that if there are actually people in the world who "hate us for our freedoms," they can start liking us now.


Don said...

The "severity" of his crime? Am I thinking of the right man, here? I thought this guy was on trial for possessing forbidden weapons and possibly not paying the correct federal taxes and jumping through the right hoops.

How does one commit a severe crime of possession? Did he hold on to the gun really tightly?

Does this mean the judge considers this guy a threat? This is the guy who possessed an "illegal machine gun" and yet, when the officers came to arrest him for something he doesn't consider a crime, he went peacefully with them to have his day in court. If he's a threat, who's not?

Anonymous said...

"Hendren said given the severity of Fincher's crimes he could not allow such a lenient sentence."

SEVERE? OH PLEASE.... He could have beat or raped someone and gotten less time.