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Friday, June 08, 2007

Pfleger's boss beginning to feel the heat?

I have to admit that I expected very little from the Chicago Archdiocese in response to "Father" Pfleger's call to "snuff out" a gun store owner and pro-rights legislators. My expectations were especially low after reading that a spokesman for the archdiocese stated that the archdiocese planned to do, well . . . nothing, really:

James Accurso, a spokesman for the Chicago Archdiocese, said he was not aware of the rally or Pfleger's participation in it until after it took place Saturday.

He told Cybercast News Service that the church had no plans to take disciplinary action against Pfleger.

"If the reports are accurate and he did make a threat - and we're not certain of that - we feel this should be handled by the civil authorities," Accurso said.
Today, I see something somewhat different.
The cardinal said in his statement: “Publicly delivering a threat against anyone’s life betrays the civil order and is morally outrageous, especially if this threat came from a priest.”
That, of course, may very well be all the further this goes, which would make my initial suspicions largely correct.

I certainly oughtn't count on much from the police:
Riverdale police called the rally “peaceful” and said no investigation was warranted.
I guess it's a special gift of the clergy to be able to make "peaceful" death threats.

Jesse Jackson, of course, blames all the controversy on gun rights advocates.
The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who also spoke at the rally, said gun associations were twisting Pfleger’s use of the word “snuff” to stifle his activism and divert attention from the issue of gun violence.
So, "Reverend," if a bunch of gun rights activists had gathered outside your door, and said they were going to "snuff you out," you would be above "twisting" the word into something menacing?

Somehow I doubt it.