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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Illinois has too many jobs, too much tax revenue, and . . . the people here are more violent than in other states?

This article refers to the sad reality that the constant threat of ever more draconian firearms legislation in Illinois has already driven one manufacturer of fine pistols and rifles (Les Baer Custom) to relocate out of state, but also has the rest seriously considering similar moves.

Let's not mince words here. Illinois is a mess. With less than a week and a half left in the extended legislative session, agreement on a budget is a distant fantasy. Governor Blagojevich, too good for the taxpayer funded Governor's Mansion in Springfield (to which he insisted be added a heated driveway, costing the taxpayers $720,000--despite the fact that he doesn't live there) , commutes by plane between the capital and his Chicago home several times per week, costing the taxpayers nearly $6000 every time, for his "workdays" (some of which are about three hours long), trying to goad legislators into passing his pipe dream of a budget. Pension funds are raided willy-nilly, schools are grossly under-funded, and yet our wise lawmakers want to force good jobs and tax revenue out of the state.

The most interesting part of the article, though, comes at the end.

T[h]om Mannard, executive director of Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, said he wants to see compromise between legislators and gun manufacturers.

"It's a delicate balance," he said. "You could have a bill that prohibits the sale of assault weapons in Illinois, but allows the manufacturers to continue to manufacture and sell outside of Illinois. The current measures don't allow that."
It's a little surprising to see the head cheerleader for the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence calling for "compromise," but let's analyze what Thom is saying here. Apparently, so-called "assault weapons" are too dangerous for Illinois residents, but not for people who live in other states. Now that is a simply fascinating assertion, and as an Illinois resident, a rather insulting one. It's also an opinion not shared by many other states. By virtue of concealed carry licenses issued by Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, I can legally carry a concealed handgun in twenty-three states. That's right--although my own state mandates that I be unarmed and helpless, twenty-three others, in which I have never paid taxes, trust me to do so. If Illinoisans are so inherently violent and unstable, almost half the country seems unaware of the fact.

Thom would also seem to be undermining the arguments of what I thought would be many of his ideological allies, most of whom claim that restrictive gun laws in one state are rendered much less effective by less restrictive gun laws in other states. Isn't Thom afraid that even with a ban in Illinois, these naughty "assault weapons" could be sold in another state, and work their way back, illegally, to this state?

I plan to ask the ICHV about that, and will be sure to post any response.