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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tiahrt Amendment under fire

The civilian disarmament lobby is in a joyful tizzy over Senator Barbara Mikulski's (D-Maryland) removal of the Tiahrt Amendment from the funding bill to which it has been attached in recent years (Mikulski's gloat page). Killing the Tiarht Amendment has been one of Mayor Bloomberg's top priorities, so he's ready to anoint Senator Mikulski as a new saint of the civilian disarmament lobby.

The Brady Bunch is so happy about it that they have issued another "send us money" call (as they tend to do whenever anything happens, whether they like it or not, regarding guns or gun laws).

The battle over whether the Tiahrt Amendment stays or goes is far from over. The amendment has powerful backing, from both the Fraternal Order of Police (the largest organization of law enforcement officers in the world, but one which Bloomberg has referred to as a "fringe organization"), and even the BATFE (frankly, it's not easy for me to acknowledge agreement with the BATFE on anything, but they're right on this). As both the FOP and the BATFE point out, assertions that the Tiahrt Amendment in any way interferes with law enforcement efforts are utter fabrications.

The next battleground will be the House Appropriations Committee. If your Congressman is a member of that committee, he/she needs to hear from you.

The Tiahrt Amendment blocks nothing but predatory lawsuits--and that is why Bloomberg and his minions are endeavoring with such single-minded determination to kill it.


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