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Monday, June 11, 2007

Congressman Rush wants to turn entire country into one big Illinois

As mentioned Thursday, Congressman Bobby Rush (D-IL) will be introducing a national gun registration/licensing bill sometime this week. The proposed legislation will be called "Blair's Bill," after a Chicago teenager, Blair Holt, who on May 10th was shot to death on a Chicago bus, when he placed himself in the line of fire to protect other passengers. Details about the still unreleased bill are of course somewhat sketchy, but we know a bit more about it after yesterday than we did before.

According to a CBS2 Chicago article, the bill would create a requirement for nationwide licensing of gun owners, and a national registry of guns.

The bill, called “Blair’s Bill,” would require licensing of all individuals who own guns, and create a national registry tracking gun sales and ownership. Congressman Bobby Rush, who has also been personally affected by gun violence, plans to introduce it in Washington later this week.
Wonderful--now, Constitutional rights must be licensed, and Big Brother must know where every firearm is.

As is always the case, civilian disarmament advocates blame every shooting on "not enough gun laws."
In Blair’s memory, a mentoring group is going to visit Julian High School to try to encourage young people to resolve conflicts peacefully. But Rush and his supporters say tougher gun laws are the solution to the crisis.
This "solution", of course, ignores the fact that the killing occurred in Chicago, home of some of the most insanely draconian gun laws in the country.

In ABC's article, we learn that the licensing requirements for gun ownership would also include mandatory training.
"Blair's Bill will implement an nationwide program of licensing," Rush said. "Blair's Bill will assist law enforcement in tracking the flow of guns and require those who possess them to be trained in gun safety."
Yeah--that's the problem--gang-banger punks don't know how to murder people safely.
Blair's Bill that would have its critics, notably the gun lobby.
Yeah--that's one way to put it. Personally, I prefer to think of it as the freedom lobby who will criticize this abomination, and fight it with everything we have.

For the gluttons for punishment, here is CBS's video segment.

Actually, my title for this blog post is a bit misleading--what Rush is proposing would actually make national gun laws more restrictive than Illinois state law. If there were a chance in hell of this monstrosity passing, Americans should be afraid, very afraid.


me said...

his idea is BRILLIANT! This way, they can continue their eugenics program and the gangs can spread everywhere. Then they can pull their jackboots out and start doing what they want.

A better idea would be to put people like the 'man Rush into jail.