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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Updated details on newest March of the "Snuffy" Brigade on Chuck's Gun Shop

As mentioned Monday, "Father" Michael "Snuffy" Pfleger will be leading yet another siege of Chuck's Gun Shop, in Riverdale, Illinois this coming Saturday (June 23), apparently at 1 PM.

The Illinois State Rifle Association is once again organizing a counter-protest:

Action Alert for Saturday, June 23, 2007: Counter-Protest at Chuck's Gun Shop, the 3rd Time in 4 Weeks

ISRA has found out that Fr. Michael Pfleger is going to march yet again at Chuck’s Gun Shop, 14310 S. Indiana, Riverdale, IL on Saturday, June 23rd. This is four weeks after the highly publicized protest at the same location where he called for the "snuffing out" of Chuck's owner, John Riggio. He will probably bring Reverend Jesse Jackson with him.

Many of you have followed the news about Pfleger's threat and wished that you could have been at Chuck's on May 26th to show your solidarity. Some of you took advantage of the short notice to come out to Chuck's last weekend. ISRA 1st Vice President Mike Weisman was there to stand with John Riggio and the counter-protestors at both marches. He's going to be there again, and he's urging all gun owners who can do so, to come to Chuck's this Saturday.

"Chuck's Gun Shop is a part of my own personal history with firearms. I first went there over 25 years ago, when I lived in the city. The staff helped me get my first FOID card." Mike Weisman said, "Chuck's Gun Shop as been part of the community in the south suburbs for decades, it's a vital, family-run business that should stay and serve the community in the decades to come."

"So I'm going back there this Saturday, and I'm calling on my fellow ISRA members and Illinois Gun Owners from all across Chicagoland to join me. I'm also making a special appeal to those who have ties to this part of the metro area. It's important to me personally that we have strong representation there." Weisman concluded.

Background info: The owners of Chuck’s have been long-time defenders of the right to keep and bear arms. Unfortunately, they have paid dearly for supporting your rights. Chucks was the primary target of Mayor Daley’s $433 million lawsuit against the 2nd Amendment. Although the Daley suit failed, Chuck’s was forced to bear huge legal costs to defend their business - and to defend the 2nd Amendment. Chuck’s has also been harassed ceaselessly by anti-gun church groups and the gun-hating media - including “60 Minutes.” Rev. Jackson and Fr. Pfleger have marched twice on Chuck's Gun Shop in the recent weeks, including May 26, when Fr. Pfleger called for John Riggio to be "snuffed out." The ISRA has an audio copy of his turn at the microphone, which you can download and listen to. (550KB mp3 file)

ISRA is calling upon gun owners to make the return trip to Chuck's Gun Shop to take a stand for the right to keep and bear arms. Please do the following:

1. Plan on gathering at Chuck’s Gun Shop & Range, 14310 South Indiana Avenue, Riverdale, IL, at 12:30 PM on June 23rd for a counter protest against Michael Pfleger and Jesse Jackson. Click here for a mapquest map.

2. While at Chuck’s, express your solidarity with the owners and, if you can, make a purchase. No matter how small, your loyalty to Chuck’s will be greatly appreciated.

3. Prepare to peacefully confront anti-gun protesters with the truth. Don’t be shy about defending what you know is rightfully yours.

4. If possible, take photographs of the anti-gun protesters and send copies to webmaster@isra.org.

5. Please post this alert to every Internet blog and bulletin board that you belong to. Encourage all your friends and fellow shooters to join in this counter-protest against the gun grabbers.

Only you can defend your rights from destruction by guys like Fr. Pfleger and Rev. Jackson. The gun grabbers must not attack our rights with impunity. You are the gun owner who will stand up and be counted. Make sure that you are there Saturday, June 23rd at Chuck’s Gun Shop.
Be sure to enjoy some more excellent commentary from the Armed School Teacher.

Keep in mind what we're up against, folks--but never doubt that We Shall Overcome.


Anonymous said...

Even though I am not a resident of Illinois, I stand with you guys. I too am a shooter and a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I also live in an anti-gun state (Maryland) and they too have an ultimate agenda to get rid of my 2nd Amendment rights. But I don't see this as an Illinois problem but a U.S. problem and if these gun grabbers get their way, it will surely spread like wildfire. Anyways, I am here with you guys and wish I could be there in person.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Well said, Anon, and your support is certainly appreciated.

Good luck in Maryland--I know that, as you say, you have your hands full with your own civilian disarmament advocate/tyranny enablers.

United We Stand.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Chuck up north. Anon if things ever get too bad in Maryland you should come to Florida. I can tell you this is a very Pro- gun state. More so than Texas. People in my county would not like the anti gun garbage Mr Jackson pulled up in Chicago let alone trying to (snuff )someones business out. they would fling him out of the state like a frisbe

Anonymous said...

Scott from Da Hieghts
When is Jackson's next march on Chuck's?
I was there on June 29th to show support for John and gun owners. FYI Jackson brings his minions in by the bus load. It also costs the village of Riverdale aprox $3500 in police protection and triffic control each time he shows up .