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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The "experts" have spoken, on ABC7 Chicago

I've mentioned before that "Father" Pfleger would be part of a "panel of experts" featured on ABC7 Chicago, to find "solutions" to youth violence. I also suggested contacting ABC to point out how far from "news" this piece would be.

Of course the show went ahead as originally planned (video podcast here). Be sure to read what War on Guns has to say about it--Mr. Codrea even includes a transcript of Pfleger suggesting changing the Second Amendment (a tacit admission that the Second Amendment indeed does guarantee an individual right?).

The father of murdered Chicago teenager Blair Holt (a wonderful young man, by all accounts) said that next week, Congressman Bobby Rush (D-IL) will introduce a bill instituting a national handgun registry. As if that's going to happen. Oh well--the more time Congress messes around with stuff that doesn't have a chance of passing, the less time they have to do any real damage.

Most of the discussion was along the tired lines of "it takes a village to raise a child."

They seem to have forgotten to mention that it takes a village idiot to suggest disarming the peaceable as a means of "stopping the violence."


me said...

yeah, caught most of it on the web, recorded it to analyze at a later date. Nice program to record streaming content btw is SDP downloader. http://sdp.ppona.com/ Free, donations welcome as always, and I have no connection to them.

No real point as nobody in the gun rights movement didn't already know the crap that was going to spew forth.

it takes idiots like these to kill us all is more appropriate.