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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Illinois pro-gun County Count advances

I announced yesterday that Johnson County, Illinois had joined Brown, Pike, Schuyler, and Hancock Counties in adopting resolutions condemning all the civilian disarmament legislation being pushed on the state by Chicago Mayor Daley and his pet legislators.

Today, I learned that Randolph County has joined the five trailblazers in standing for freedom, and against so-called "gun control." I have also learned that Henry, Pope, Massac, Union, and White Counties (White has the measure on the County Board agenda for Monday, June 11th) are working on adopting something similar. We're also working on it here in Madison County (where I live), but it's hard to say whether or not we can pull it off here.

So for those keeping score, six counties have already adopted such resolutions, and at least that many more are giving it a good, hard look.

Oh, by the way, when I mentioned the Johnson County resolution yesterday, I promised to post the text as soon as I had it. It turns out that it's identical to the text of the proposed resolution in Madison County, which can be found in the link to the petition.


Anonymous said...

And the next time anyone in Cook county listens to a bunch of downstate farmers will be the first.
I lived under their unconstitutional FOID card and increasingly restrictive laws from 1968 to 1987 when I got a chance to escape and live with at least a little freedom. I also have tripled my income since then as well.
My advice to you, either saw that cancerous growth in the northeast corner off or escape while you still can.