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Friday, May 08, 2009

Another push to ban 'assault weapons'--what will 'pro-gun' Kirsten Gillibrand do?

But McCarthy said that next week she plans to introduce an assault weapons ban - legislation that is anathema to the NRA and that could pose a problem for Gillibrand.
It will "pose a problem" for her, alright. Her choices will be to a) utterly complete the job of declaring herself an enemy of liberty, by supporting what probably amounts to the most draconian (and the most hated, in the eyes of millions of gun rights advocates) anti-gun measure with any chance of passage; or b) alienate her new friends, who will drop her like a burning skunk if she doesn't continue to prove her loyalty to the citizen disarmament agenda.
"I think the assault weapons bill will be a test," McCarthy said Wednesday in an interview.
Indeed it will. [More]
That's today's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner column. Hope you'll give it a look, and not find it a waste of your time.

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Anonymous said...

Gillibrand will not have anything to do with a House bill. She is a Senator and will only vote on a Senate bill. McCarthy is a US Representaive and whatever she promotes will not be in the Senate. So this just a stupid hit piece on Gillibrand. Wait for Senate bill to chastise her.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Thanks for your constructive comment, Mr. Bravely Anonymous. Apparently you didn't read the entire article:

I have to admit--I find her dilemma almost amusing enough to hope that a Senate version of McCarthy's bill is introduced, just to be absolutely certain she cannot dodge the issue.

straightarrow said...

Aww Kurt, there you go again, being unfair. Why, it sounds as though you expected people to actually read and understand what the even the big words meant, before they start exposing their deficiencies.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Ha! Like you have room to talk, SA--it's in large part due to your influence that I've turned into such a hardass ;-).

straightarrow said...

Whoa, hold it right there, mister!

I'm a real lamb. A sweetheart of a guy. Not a cantankerous bone in my body. However, guys like bravely anonymous make my heart soar. That's right, SOAR!

Whadda mean why? Well, because I ain't them.