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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Prospective State Department legal Adviser: RKBA is 'needlessly provocative'

If the efforts to subject American citizens to draconian international gun laws, under the provisions of CIFTA, DDTC/ITAR, and the UN Firearms Protocol are not enough to cause concern, take a look at Harold Kohl, nominee for State Department Legal Adviser.

Harold Koh, the nominee for Legal Adviser to the State Department, supports “the global regulation of small arms” and a “global gun control regime.” And he believes it is “needlessly provocative” for any U.S. representative to refer to the right to bear arms when speaking to a foreign audience: the very mention of the Second Amendment, apparently, is offensive. That has very serious implications for domestic policy, but what does Koh want to do with the legal, international arms trade? The answer is simple: he wants to ban it.
Chew on this, Harold--if you think people are going to be offended by being told about the Constitutionally guaranteed, fundamental human right of the individual to keep and bear arms, wait 'til they get a load of what I propose the American people prepare themselves to do with that right.


Sharon Pleasants said...

Harold needs to realize that the 2nd amendment is for the USA, not the rest of the world. If he wants global gun control, then he doesn't belong in this country. I'm sure the UN can find a place for him.

Frederick H Watkins said...

I wonder what response a Million Rifleman March, with slinged weapons, in Washington DC would get. Probably not good, but I bet underwear sales would suddenly spike up. And "they" would finally "get it" one could only hope.