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Friday, May 22, 2009

NYC synagogue bomb plot: interesting choice of weapons

When reading about this terrorist plot, what struck me right away was the would-be jihadists' choice of weapons. For the attacks on the synagogues, they eschewed so-called "assault weapons," despite the Brady Campaign's strident labeling of such firearms as "mass produced mayhem" (pdf file), "designed to slaughter people." Sounds like just the ticket for aspiring jihadists who believe that their status in the next life is enhanced by killing as many Jews as possible.

New York, of course, has an "assault weapons" ban similar to the expired federal ban, but apparently, that doesn't matter. We have been told for years, after all, that the reason New York City Mayor Bloomberg has crusaded for stricter federal gun laws, has spent his own money campaigning for stricter state gun laws in Virginia, and has even initiated "sting" operations (to the annoyance of even the BATFE) designed to entrap gun dealers in states hundreds of miles away from New York--is that "weak gun laws" in other states were supposedly undermining New York's "strong" (a polite way of saying tyrannical) ones, and flooding New York with guns. [More]
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